Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Campus Connect Webinar Series on "Python" : March 2015 - Group details & Prework Submission

Dear CSE & IT students

Please share the prework for Python webinar series with your  team members and send us completed work (all teams’ prework in a single zip file) to T&P cell on or before 6th Mar 2015 through coordinators.
Herewith group details and pre-work questions are shared.

Group 1  
S.No Name e-mail
1 A.Sujitha
2 S.Ananthi
3 M.Sowmiya
4 R.Archana
5 A.Banupriya

Group 2  
S.No Name e-mail
1 S.Srinivasaganapathi
2 S.Manimozhi
3 S.Sangeetha
4 R.Haripriya
5 A.Indhumathi

Group 3  
S.No Name e-mail
1 K.S.Brindhapuja
2 C.Sowntharya
3 N.L.Sivasundaram
4 S.Indhumathi
5 S.J.Jayanthi

Group 4  
S.No Name e-mail
1 M.Harindran
2 P.Chandran
3 C.Ramyashree
4 C.Mythili
5 M.Nithiya

Group 5  
S.No Name e-mail
1 D.Pasupathy
2 G.Lavanya
3 S.Keerthana
4 V.Priyadharshini
5 M.Nithya

Group 6  
S.No Name e-mail
1 Sasithran
2 S.Radhika
3 B.Kaviya
4 P.Priyadharashini
5 P.Pavithra

Group 7  
S.No Name e-mail
1 Pooranipriya
2 T.Gokulaakannan
3 Kowsikan
4 A.I.Abirami
5 P.Pradeepkumar

Group 8  
S.No Name e-mail
1 Jagadeesh.T.S
2 R.Keerthana
3 S.Gayathri
4 P.Sowntharya
5 L.R.A.Sulaiman

Group 9  
S.No Name e-mail
1 Tamilamudhan
2 E.Swathy
3 S.Sripriya
4 T.Yogeshwari
5 L.Preethi

Group 10  
S.No Name e-mail
1 V.Nandhinipriya
2 K.Ragul
3 S.Madhumathi
4 S.Raaganandhini
5 V.Priyanka
Prework Questions:
1    1.     What is Python? And write its history.
 2. Difference between Python and Java / C++
 3. Draw the common linux directory structure
 4.     Basic knowledge in Linux : Give Syntax and an example
a.     Command to create a new folder
b.     Command to rename a folder
c.      Command to create a new file
d.     Command to change file permissions
e.     Command to login as super user   
5.  How will you install a tar.gz package in Linux?
 6.     What is class diagram? And its importance in coding
 7.     What are the syntax, static semantics, and semantics of a language?
     8.     What sorts of errors can occur in a program?
     9.     Write down the features of Python language.
     10.                        True or False
a.     Python is useful only for command line programming
b.     Python is an object oriented language
c.      Python programs could be created only in Linux platform
d.     JPython is a variation of Java programming language
e.     Python is a beginner language
f.       Python is derived from languages like ABC, Modula

11.      Read following articles

1.         1.  A student group can have maximum 5 students and should be identified by unique name or number to differentiate other teams in your college.
2  2. Student group should communicate through their group representative only marking SPoC (T&P officer)in CC, if they have any query.
3.    3.  Submit the prework to Single Point of Contact in your college on or before 6th March 2015.
4.    4.  To participate in this webinar series, completion of prework is mandatory. Final accepted nominations will be circulated to the colleges on or before 9th March 2015.
5.    5. Please submit your own work. Avoid copying from other groups, may lead to cancellation of both the teams’ from participation in this webinar series.
6.   6. You may have to complete the post-work as a group after the webinars.